Friday, September 25, 2015

Lazy Hwa Ramyun Dinner

I had a lazy dinner the other with instant noodles, kimchi, with frozen peas, corn, and carrot mix. It was so easy, tasty and cheap! Read on to find out...

I used Hwa Ramun.

Get the water boiling and into the pan it goes, along with the 
sachet of chilli powder and dried vegetables.

Add the frozen vege mix.

Stir it up a little and add the kimchi. I just dumped in the 
last 5 or 6 pieces from my container.

Let it boil for a few minutes.


The ramyun was pretty spicy, I had to get a face washer a couple of times! The frozen veges were just that, nothing to write home about - I buy them for the simplicity and fibre, not taste.  The kimchi was getting old, and could have been good on it's own, lightly fried with some sesame seeds. But, the whole mean was pretty cheap and only took a few minutes and reasonably healthy. 

If you wanted, a bit of pork in thin slices would go nicely. Cook it separately or put in the pot first I'd say - give it several extra minutes of boiling to be safe. (Use your own judgement, I've never boiled meat before so I don't want to give the wrong info.)

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