Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chorizo & Kimchi Fried Rice With Peas

I like chorizo and kimchi so why not combine them into a simple stir-fry meal! Rice is nice! So why not make a fried rice dish? Then, peas are healthy so, about I add some peas too!

First I get the rice cooking, since that will take 10 minutes for a cup of rice. I do mine in the microwave using the Sistema Microwave Rice Steamer. I find it quite easy to use - it has an inner lid to stop the starch from bubbling over. (Mind you, I've never tried it without the inner lid to know if it works - it hasn't bubbled over though.) It does come with that rice spoon pictured which is supposed to be easier than for rice scooping than a metal spoon.

Image copyright Sistema Plastics
I just add 1.5 times the water as rice and put it for at least 10 minutes - add more time if cooking more rice. You'll have to experiment a little with your microwave, but it's never gone wrong for me - if it's still wet, just put it back in for another minute or so. (I don't work for them or anything, I just have a few of their products. This is now my preferred method of cooking plain rice, there's no stress like with the saucepan on the stove.)

I used the first few minutes of rice cooking to prepare the frying pan, chopping up the chorizo, getting the peas and kimchi ready. After the rice is around 1/3 to 1/2 way through (So, around 5 minutes later), I added the peas, kimchi chorizo to the pan.

Yes, I like peas. A lot!

I start to stir-fry them all together on a medium heat for a few minutes. Since it's only the peas that really need cooking, feel free to take it off the burner if it's getting close before the rice is ready.

Once the rice is done, pour it on and continue stir-frying it together. 

If you've taken it off before, mix it together with the other ingredients then put it back on the heat to help let the flavours mix through. You can some soy sauce to the mix or the kimchi "juice" as well if you want some extra kick. 

Serve it up and eat it!

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