Monday, December 5, 2016

Kimchi nachos with snow peas and garlic mayonnaise!

Tonight I felt like something fun for dinner! I had snow peas and a bag of corn chips. Corn chips are always fun and snow peas are healthy. I was originally just going to eat the a few chips as a snack, but when I saw the snow peas and kimchi still in the fridge I thought I could make up some sort of Korean-Australian fun dinner. I just fried the kimchi and chopped up snow peas together and poured it all the plate of corn chips. 


While I was looking for some cheese to melt over the nachos I found this garlic aioli mayonnaise. This seems appropriate because Koreans like egg and garlic!


It was certainly fun and healthy, but wasn't spicy enough for me. This is probably because I didn't actually add any spicy flavourings anyway! In hindsight I put too much mayonnaise because I felt kind odd after, exactly like when you eat too much egg or something. So if I was going to do it again, I'd put less on, obviously. I'd also probably add some meat or beans for some protein. 

[I've been advised that corn chips and mayonnaise is not actually healthy. I suppose I should have expected that from 1.5 health stars on the corn chips. Not to defend myself too much, but the Coles brand corn chips actually had less sodium than CC's brand. Anyway, just don't eat it too much and otherwise eat a balanced diet and all that.]