Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NeNe Chicken in Brisbane

I went to NeNe Chicken with some friends some time ago, I tried the NeNe Dosirak while my friend the lemon chicken. They quite liked the lemon flavor. I also got a side salad, which I was very happy with. I very much enjoyed the sesame salad dressing and the Korean style rice. The fried chicken meals come with pickled radish and coleslaw too. My Dosirak came with a small serve of kimchi.

You can read my full review on Weekend Notes - NeNe Chicken Myer Centre Brisbane

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Shelf fresh noodles, chorizo, kimchi and peas and corn stir-fry

I like shelf fresh noodles, they are easy to make and of course last a long time after purchasing them. Just put them in warm water to soften and then fry them with everything else.

For this meal I chopped up chorizo in small pieces and fried the noodles with kimchi, frozen peas and corn and the chorizo pieces. I ended up making enough for several meals.

Tuna and Kimchi Nachos

Mix this chilli tuna (which you can buy from the Korean supermarket) with some kimchi and spread it around some corn chips!

Microwave it with mozzarella cheese and get this!

It was fun and tasty!