Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kimchi Kabana Stirfry - Go figure!

Last night, I used some of my favourite vegetables and a kabana to make a surprising dish! I put kimchi, snowpeas, and chopped up kabana in the fry pan and stirred it. (What, you think I was just going to let it sit there and burn?) I boiled the squash separately of course.

The chocolate milk is a bonus review! It was mint flavoured chocolate milk. The mint was actually stronger than the chocolate - tasted like a liquid after dinner mint. I'd drink it again.

Anyway, into the frying pan they go! (Not the milk of course, that would be strange!)

I fry and boil the food appropriately, then finally I can plate it!

I put butter and black pepper on the squash which became most fascinating when it mixed with the kimchi! The kimchi with butter and black pepper was wonderful! It took on a whole new rich and "homely" flavour. The black pepper complimented the red pepper (chili) in the kimchi, while the butter I guess mellowed out the spicy kimchi slightly.

The kimchi juice gave the kabana pieces a nice spicy flavour. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cheesy peas and kimchi.

Another quick post. I simply fried kimchi and green peas in the pan, and mixed in two slices of cheese.

I could have gone for another piece of cheese I think, though any more than that would have been too rich. I'd like to add some more chili spice though next time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

More Lotte confectionery based deserts!

In the hot weather, I had some ice cream for lunch. (And probably something else too, at least semi healthy.) Finding a lone 몽쉘 (Mong Shell) in the fridge, I decided to shave it over ice cream. Using a grater would be normal and not Korean enough, so I use the kitchen scissors to slice off chunks around the edges, constantly getting the biscuit smaller off course.

It was nice, since the ice cream was soft, while the confectionery was crunchy, providing a bit of contrast and excitement.