Saturday, August 1, 2015

Night Noodle Markets Again: Chichi Fries from Poklol

So, I went back to the Night Noodle Markets and got the Chichi Fries from Poklol like I wanted to. I got the chili chicken because it's apparently healthier than red meats, according to Michael Mosley's documentary.

There's certainly a good amount of beer battered fries for $15. And for food truck food, it's well presented. There was spring onion, Korean style chicken, grated cheese, mayonnaise, and some sort of amazing chili sauce. Somewhere I did end up finding some kimchi in there as well, but it was much less prominent than Korean inspired fries should have been. 

I think the highlight of the whole dish was the chili sauce they put on the chips. It had a refreshing amount of bite, yet also tasted sweet and crisp.

Overall, I think I was more impressed with Korma Sliders' sweet potato fries from Eat Street Markets (who were also at the Night Noodle Markets). I think in Sydney they may have a different menu than the one they came to Brisbane with. And anyway, it was good, just I've had better. But that's fine, every place is different.

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  1. Ok that looks and sounds amazing!
    I was expecting it to be a regular-sized serving of chips with some sauce and hence for 15 dollars was reluctant, but looking at your image that looks like a good amount and variety of food!

    Thanks for the write up! I should check out the eat street market sweet potato fries too from the sounds of it!