Saturday, July 25, 2015

Korean Style Tacos at the Night Noodle Markets

Brisbane is currently having a Night Noodle Markets for a couple of weeks. It's a public market with various Asian food stalls (and some non-Asian places too), some music, and bars.

There's a Korean-Vietnamese-Mexican fusion food truck called Poklol there (up from Sydney) who do a Korean tacos and Korean fries. (Fries with kimchi and bulgogi I think.)

I got the Tacos - 3 for $20.

I got one of each protein (that's apparently the foodie term for meat) - beef, chicken, pork. Each one had a slice of cucumber and spring onion (the Vietnamese influence), carrot, and kimchi slaw. While I definitely got one of each (I checked the meat), I couldn't actually taste much difference between each one. The beef one was supposed to be bulgogi flavour and the chicken was chili flavour (I didn't see the sign for the pork flavour due to the position of the crowd.) However I recall the beef one being crunchy somehow, and I think the pork was probably pulled. The chili chicken was probably too mild for my chili perception these days given the amount of chili I eat. 

The soft taco shell worked quite well, keeping the food in the taco. I did enjoy the whole combination of flavours with the meat and salad complimenting the cool cucumber. The service was quick and the stall seemed organised with an order/pay queue and another queue to collect them (at least, we ended queuing to collect which seemed logical). I wasn't particularly happy with the price (that is to say, it's a bit pricey at ~$6 - $7 per taco), but actually it's in line with all the other vendors at the Noodle Markets - the vegetable curry from the Indonesian place was $10 anyway, and a cup of beer was $7.50 - $9.  (Given that, it may actually be one of the best value food items in the Markets.)

Even so, I still want to try the Chichi Fries - which look quite good according to their Facebook Page.

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