Monday, March 2, 2015

Pork Belly at The Plough Inn

I went to The Plough Inn one night with my sister and her friends. The Plough Inn is a famous pub located in the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane. It is one of the old buildings in Brisbane and likely one of the oldest pubs too (particularly that's still in operation).

(Photo - The Plough Inn)

They serve more upmarket food than your average pub - still steaks and fish and pies, but fancy with interesting vegetables and pies in the little bowls! We both mutually decided on getting the same food - Twice Cooked Barbeque Pork Belly!

It doesn't have any kimchi, but is "Korean style" (that's actually what the menu said), so I'm going to count it as Korean for this blog! The pork belly was a large single piece, in which the crispy skin had been scored  for easy cutting. The meat was tender and juicy and it was paired well with the sprouts and Chinese vegetable gai lan

The sauteed gai lan was amazing. It was cooked in black pepper and I think a light sauce. The vegetable was well cooked and absorbed the flavour, while retaining it's own. The stalk wasn't stringy as could be the case if it was cooked too long and the leaves had a nice texture.

The sticky rice cake with diced apples was a nice addition to the meal, mixed with a seaweed... (Gim (Korea), nori (Japan), zicai (China)) completed the Asian influenced dish. (Maybe it was a Japanese influence, to be fair to each country. Korean style pork belly, Chinese vegetable gai lan, and Japanese sticky rice with nori and sesame.) 

The apples were moist but still crunchy - I think they were in a very slight syrup as well. (Maybe the Australian influence?)

The meal was around $30 which I think is a reasonable price for a restaurant of this nature, and the actual food was so delicious and unique I didn't really mind. The coloured dots you can see in the photo are reflections of the lights strung around the deck level. I'd recommend it to others, though I want to try their other menu items before going back to this I think, just because their other foods sound so good too!


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed it!
    Gai lan is great when done well, I think.

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