Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kimchi Kabana Stirfry - Go figure!

Last night, I used some of my favourite vegetables and a kabana to make a surprising dish! I put kimchi, snowpeas, and chopped up kabana in the fry pan and stirred it. (What, you think I was just going to let it sit there and burn?) I boiled the squash separately of course.

The chocolate milk is a bonus review! It was mint flavoured chocolate milk. The mint was actually stronger than the chocolate - tasted like a liquid after dinner mint. I'd drink it again.

Anyway, into the frying pan they go! (Not the milk of course, that would be strange!)

I fry and boil the food appropriately, then finally I can plate it!

I put butter and black pepper on the squash which became most fascinating when it mixed with the kimchi! The kimchi with butter and black pepper was wonderful! It took on a whole new rich and "homely" flavour. The black pepper complimented the red pepper (chili) in the kimchi, while the butter I guess mellowed out the spicy kimchi slightly.

The kimchi juice gave the kabana pieces a nice spicy flavour. 

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