Sunday, December 14, 2014

One Pork Spare Rib on a Bed of Kimchi, Served with a Side of Peas.

For dinner one night, I thought I'd go back to the principle and actually mix kimchi with Western foods. I had a pork spare rib from the night before, so I decided to fry it up and lay it on a some chopped up kimchi, like you would eat German sausage on sauerkraut.

First, I had to chop up the kmichi in to small pieces like I did for the kimchi hotdogs. For that, I used my scissors-in-the-jar technique!

I leave the kimchi in the jar it came in, and using kitchen scissors, just slice into the fermented cabbage at various positions, around 3 cm deep. Until the pieces appear, on average to be about 1 to 2 cm long at the most. If you a see cabbage piece that looks to big, just target that one and slice it in half directly. Then rotate the scissors a bit or come in a a different angle to get it nice and fine.

Sometimes I'll scoop some into another container if I only want a little finely chopped kimchi, otherwise, there'd be a risk that you want larger pieces for a different dish in the future, but you've already chopped up too much.

Once I had that chopped up, I started frying the pork chop, it's OK for it to sit in the pan while you do other things, just move it around occasionally, and flip it over a few times. Really, it's just a port chop, cook that how you normally do. Once that seemed nearly done, I microwaved the green peas (I do them for 2 minutes, but as before it's just green peas, do what you want. )

To improve the palatability of the meat and kimchi being eaten together, I microwaved the kimchi to bring it up to room temperature from being in the fridge.

Time to plate the kimchi.

Maybe I went overboard on the peas?
Looks great right??
The meal was pretty good, there's not much I'd do to improve it for next time - maybe just lightly fry the kmichi or at least drain the liquid off since the liquid chili slightly interfered with the port taste. Also cooked kimchi was a better flavour in my opinion.

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