Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boom Boom Steak!

We went back to Boom Boom at the Myer Centre because it happened to be convenient, and this time I got the Western Style Steak dish.

As you can see (or if not, I'll describe it), it came on a sizzling hot plate like the chicken dish from last time, topped with some sort of gravy and decorated with fried onions - paired up with baked beans. (An Australian classic?) The steak itself was tender and seemed to be a decent cut without much superfluous fat or gristle. The onions weren't cooked as much as if they'd been barbecued - only lightly browned. That seems to be common in Asian cooking that I've found. Still, at least the onion wasn't raw, so I was able to tolerate that much onion in the one meal. The baked beans were just that, I'd be surprised if they even made them in store - and honestly, why should they, they're a Korean restaurant not a Western cafe.

The salad , chips, bread, and Coke that the meal came with is exactly the same as last time, as you'd expect  so I'll just refer you to the previous blog!

Without the unusual amount of cheese and chicken in the one dish as the previous time (having just a medium sized steak), I was able to leave without feeling sick as if I over-ate. The steak itself was good enough, and the salad was nice, though they still need to improve their chips and bread. Of course... they are a Korean restaurant not a steak house where you'd expect good chips. 

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