Monday, November 18, 2013

Yellow Mama Restaurant Visit

Last week I discovered Yellow Mama Asian fusion restaurant in Morningside. They seem to have all kinds of Asian foods - Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai! 

I got a Crispy Pork Belly Stir-fry as a main and as one would expect, I got kimchi as an entrée.

The main meal was very quite good, the vegetables and meat was made with a pepper-sauce, which was a surprise to me. There was a reasonably good amount of pork belly too. And plenty of varied vegetables of different colours. Actually, the whole dish was good value for the $15.90 I paid.  The rice was well cooked, and none of it seemed too oily or salty - aside from the pork belly of course, the meal was healthy. Anyway, kimchi is full of good things - garlic and ginger, vitamins etc. 

Yellow Mama also does homemade ice creams in green tea, coconut and lychee flavour. I hope to try that next time - I was quite full actually!

Oddly, there was French music playing while I was dining, but it was nice - pleasant and relaxing, while interesting nevertheless. For a small family owned restaurant I was surprised that while there was a minimum EFTPOS spend ($15, which you'd reach if you had a meal anyway), if you spent under $15, you just pay an extra $0.50 to help cover their EFTPOS fees. I can't begrudge them that - there are extra costs involved, I can't expect the business to wear the costs all the time. 

If you live nearby they also do a lunch special too. I will definitely go there again one weekend - if only to try the the ice cream! Maybe I'll get a light meal - kimchi jigae (soup) or something to go with the dessert in that case!

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